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Upper Wardha Dam Division

The Upper Wardha Dam is an earthfill straight gravity dam across the Wardha River, a tributary of the Godavari River, near Simhora village in Morshi taluk in Amrawati district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The dam provides multipurpose benefits of irrigation, drinking water supply, flood control and hydropower generation.

The Upper Wardha Dam is also known as the Nala Damayanthi Sagar, named after the famous characters Nala and Damayanthi of an epic love story in Hindu mythology, Nala Damayanthi.

The multipurpose Upper Wardha Dam project is considered the lifeline for Amravati city, and Morshi and Warud Talukas. It is an integral component of the Upper Wardha Irrigation Project, which envisages providing water for irrigation, drinking water supply and for industrial use and also flood control. Hydropower generation is planned only when irrigation develops.

Upper Wardha Dam Division operates under Amravati Circle. Upper Wardha Dam Division is resposible broadly for managing following types of work:

1. All work related to Upper Wardha Dam

2. Irrigation Management of Right Canal KM 1 to 77

3. Irrigation Management of Left Canal KM 1 to End

Irrigation Capacity of the Upper Wradha Dam project is 75080 hectors and following subdivisions operates under Upper Wardha Dam Division:

1. Upper Wardha Dam Subdivision no. 4 Amravati

2. Upper Wardha Dam Subdivision no. 2 Morshi

3. Upper Wardha Dam Subdivision no. 1 Tiosa

4. Upper Wardha Dam Subdivision no. 6 Talegaon

5. Upper Wardha Dam Subdivision no. 1 Arwi

All types of construction and irrigation work about Upper Wardha Dam projects are managed by Upper Wardha Dam Division.

Mr. K. R. Shirsat has joined as an Executive Engineer on 10-Jul-2010 for Upper Wardha Dam Division. Please click here to Read about Executive engineer.